How Can Your Dog Help Beat Cancer?

Open Letter to All Golden Retriever Owners -

As you know or should know - cancer is prevalent in Golden Retrievers. With HSA, Lymphoma, Mast Cell and OSA topping the list for our breed:

I would like to set a challenge - I am taking three of my WELL older dogs in for blood draws this week and I am going to mail their samples to the Broad Institute at my cost, (just a few dollars) because when I expended the lists on the above link I was surprised at the LOW numbers of submissions noted.

So the challenge is - how many samples can we as a community get to the Broad Institute in the next six months? June 1 - December 31 2009? If you would like to participate in this drive with your older dog (8 or older) who is well please send a submission. Or if you have a dog of any age diagnosed with one of these cancers, prior to treatment please consider pulling a sample. Here are the instructions in an easy pdf flyer that works for both well and sick dogs. This is a printer friendly flyer which can be printed off and distributed too:

Here is a link to the home page for the Broad Institute Dog DNA Project, ohter breeds have issues too:

After you submit your dogs sample please send me a note and I will keep tabs on dates, numbers, ages, status - I will not share names or personal info. Mail to: Gina


Submission Date
Age of Dog
Well / Affected


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