"Puppy Program"


Gina: 503 981 9442 email: gina@briergoldens.com


We currently do not have puppies available.

Please check back in December 2017 for an update on our breeding plans.

Onto the tour...

Our puppies are generally reserved before they are born and reservations are contingent on approval of your application: Application Link

~ Please phone us before filling out an application 503-981-9442 ~

Our main goal in placement is to be sure that your new companion will be treated as a family member, we do not place puppies in homes where they will be housed outdoors.

We plan 2 to 3 litters annually, generally we have one litter in the winter and one or two in the spring summer months. Our dogs and those we use in our breeding program are AKC registered, hip, elbow, eye and heart cleared by the appropriate board certified veterinarian specialists. Please see:

Brier Code of Ethics


Litters first weeks:


Puppies are whelped (born) and raised in our home to go home at 8 weeks. They are very well socialized beginning with early neurological stimulation, lots of handling. As they develop they are introduced to sights, sound, and textures at appropriate stages. We potty box train our litters using litter pans (like cat boxes) beginning at about 4 weeks of age and at 6 weeks of age we start to do after meal trips outside to aide in housebreaking. Please visit the link on our home page to our most recent litter to see examples:

Gidget's Litter and A Puppys Life to Dog-dom




Health Care:


Our adult dogs are fed a whole raw biologically appropriate diet. We believe feeding a raw diet is part of our responsibility as breeders, as we believe breeding dogs should be in optimal condition. While we feel feeding a raw diet is optimal our puppies are fed high quality kibble and are offered raw bones as treats. We tried feeding litters raw but found it too difficult to monitor up to 10 individuals in a litter situation. As well, very difficult to keep their environment clean of bacteria their immature systems may not be ready to tackle daily.

We also subscribe to a modified vaccination protocol of minimal vaccines and we strongly suggest everyone empower their selves with education regarding vaccines including the dangers of both under vaccinating and over vaccinating. Please visit these links: Raw Feeding & Help Files




We generally will hold an open house the weekend closest to 6 weeks of age. Prior to that time we don't generally have anyone in our home as it is too disruptive to the mom and litter.


Going Home:


We send our puppies to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. They will have been conformation graded, temperament tested, working ability assessed, vet checked, wormed, vaccinated with one single parvo vaccine and well loved. You will receive a puppy package that outlines care we have provided and future care recommendations. Our puppy go home days are unique - We do them in a group setting, you your family and all the other families that are taking a puppy home will meet at our home and there will be an orientation followed by questions and answers.


In conclusion this is just a brief "tiptoe" through our program please visit additional links under "Education & Referral" and "Links" on our home page at:

Golden Retrievers @ Brier