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You are receiving this message because you contacted me or various others who have sent your posting onto me, in reference to looking for a Golden Retriever puppy or young adult. If you have not found a dog here is some information that might help you.

First let me introduce myself, I am Gina Heitz, Brier Golden Retrievers in Woodburn Oregon, I am a member of the GRCA (www.grca.org) and a member of PRGRCO (http://www.pacificrimgoldens.org/) . My main objective in my dog life is to make sure that nice people do not get taken advantage of by poor breeders, so here goes:

Tip #1:

The Golden Retriever is #2 in AKC registrations, only second to the Labrador Retriever. There are a lot of people out there breeding these dogs that should not be, with that, I want to direct you to the GRCA site Golden Retriever Club of America and ask that you read the Code of Ethics so that you are familiar with what good breeding practices are, and second please read the Breed Standard set forth by the club, for a clear understanding of what this breed really should look like and act like. Many back yard breeders will tell you that their dogs are going to be over 100 pounds, this is incorrect for this breed. Anyone telling you this probably does have 100 pound dogs who are incorrect and most likely are poorly bred pets bred to poorly bred pets with health problems too boot. While you are at the GRCA site please also note that there is a listing for Puppy Referral and Rescue as well as a terrific must read page on: Acquiring A Golden.


Tip #2:

Please visit PRGRCO web site for referral to responsible breeders in Oregon that subscribe to the GRCA Code of Ethics and the rules set forth by the PRGRCO that pertain to membership Ie: to be a member of PRGRCO one must belong to the GRCA which means one subscribes to the GRCA Code of Ethics

Tip #3:

Please spend some time on my personal web site: http://www.briergoldens.com scroll down to the box marked "Education" I think even those who have lived with this breed before can gain some valuable information about how to go about looking for a breeder that can provide you with your best hope of a healthy dog.

Tip #4:

It is very important to note that in every state besides puppy mills pet stores and brokers, there are seemingly harmless back yard breeders and there are some ruthless ones as well. There is no excuse for not having affiliation to at the very least the GRCA and in most states a local GRC or an All Breed Club. All breeders should have affiliation, rule number 1.

Rule number 2: No responsible breeders advertise in newspapers in this breed, no matter the state, there are way too many responsible resources of referral for there to be a need to advertise in the newspapers.

Rule number 3: Anyone can build a web site and if you can not find a qualified referral from a GRC for that breeder chances are they are not a member and rule number 2 applies here too. In other words if the breeder is not a member of the GRCA and or a GRC then they probably are not someone you want to look to.


Puppies in Oregon: Summer/ Fall 2004

Right now there are available puppies in Oregon. There are only a handful of responsible breeders however. These breeders serve a rather large area as most of us here seem to be contacted most frequently from these states besides those looking in OR: CA, WA, AK, MT, ID & NV.


In closing the only way to look for a Golden is to look to referral, as responsible breeders only refer to same. It's best to always check out any one and when looking long distance please take your time getting to know someone.


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Disclaimer, the content of this page is mixed opinion and fact and is only presented to be educational. The use of the term back yard breeder is used as a reference only and is not intended to single out any individual.

My definition of a "Back Yard Breeder" or BYB is someone who breeds outside the set standards of the GRCA and is not a member of the GRCA.

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