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The following are suggested sizes and types of products I suggest you buy for your new puppy. I tried to use ULR's for "Pet Edge" catalog but have found they change the item numbers all to often for links to be reliable. The home page for Pet Edge is: You can shop the site by plugging in key words from the list below. Phone number to request a catalog or to place an order: 1-800-738-3343

Other good on-line and mail order catalogs are:

Revival Animal Health: 1-800- 786-4751

Foster & Smith: 1-800-381-7179

KV Vet Supply: 1-800-423-8211

Shopping List

CRATES: Either wire or plastic are fine but I find the dogs like the plastic better as they are more den like. Discount Stores such as K-Mart Bi-Mart Wal-Mart often have better prices on these, below are dimensions and suggestion of size for each sex:

Plastic: female large - male X-L

Large measures 36"L x 24"W x 26"H

X-Large measures 40"L x 27"W x 30"H

Wire: female large - male X-L

Large measures: 42"L x 28"W x 31.5"H

X-Large measures: 48"LX30"x 34"H

FOOD & WATER BOWLS: For indoor water I suggest a heavy ceramic crock so puppy does not pick it up and carry it around. For outdoors a SAFE stainless steel 2 to 6 quart bucket , check the handle make sure a collar can not get caught up where the handle attaches to the pail. For additional safety do not leave your dog's collar on while unattended or use only a break away collar, see below. For feeding I suggest only stainless steel for a variety of reasons: non chew and easy sanitation being the top two reasons.

2 qt size Stainless steel water bucket - outdoors

2 to 4 qt heavy crock for water - inside

2 qt Stainless steel food bowl

BOOKS: see reading list on "Getting Ready" page - Brier Goldens however I have found this book a good one to keep on hand: Golden Retrievers for Dummies - N.K. Bauer

Basic Grooming: Tools you will want to have on hand for at home care. Please be sure the pins on the slicker are soft and bend easy to avoid brush burn. Be sure to buy an undercoat rake that is a single row of pins and that the pins are no longer than 1/4" the longer pins do not work as well as the shorter ones. Dog shampoo, please do not use human shampoo, and that includes not using baby shampoo except in a pinch. Do not use cosmetic puffs for ear cleaning, the fibers in the puffs can irritate sensitive ear tissue.

wide tooth comb

pin brush

ever gentle slicker brush (soft pins)

undercoat rake - 1/4" pins

RESCO Nail Trimmer/Clotting agent for nails

Oti-clens or Oti-calm for ear cleaning

100% cotton balls or pads for ear cleaning

Gentle Shampoo

Training: Simple very basic supplies. I suggest cotton for first puppy training leash beacuse it is easy on your hands for training and inexpensive if it gets chewed up while puppy is dragging it about learning that leashes are okay. For formal training I suggest a leather braided or sewn leash for walking/training, like cotton leather it is easy on your hands and it is durable. Keep Safe Break Away Collars are much safer than any other collar please look to this brand: Retractable leashes are good for travel but please be sure to buy one that is no longer than 15 feet and is noted to be strong enough for a large breed of dog. Always carry doggie walking bags too. For the yard at home a pooper scooper "Sanitary Scoop" makes yard clean up much easier.

Cotton puppy training leash

First collar: 10" - 14" Keep Safe Break Away collar 1/2" or 5/8"

Leather training leash

Retractable Leash for travel

Sanitary Scoop Set & Doggie walk bags

Toys: Industrial strength is the best general rule for toys! Please read about toys in your Go Home Book, no rope toys, rawhide, pig ears, cow hoofs, or other such processed animal parts. Soft toys such as fleece, berber, tennis balls should be supervised only toys. Sterilized natural bones are good busy time toy's they can be stuffed with goodies for hours of entertainment and or crate time as can the original kong toy.

Sterilized Natural Bones

Dental Chew Toys - natural rubber


Kong - original kong toy - hard rubber balls

Fleece and Berber Toys


Have Fun!

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