Looking For A Stud Dog


First and foremost it's important to note right up front if you are looking to breed your Golden Retriever bitch before she comes into season there are specific genetic tests that should be done on every breeding dog which are done at appropriate ages. See www.briergoldens.com/ed_vet.htm for a list of these tests and how to facilitate going about obtaining the proper clearances.


A responsible stud dog owner will have done the same testing on the stud dog. Accept no less. Additionally a stud dog owner should have a contract that states what the requirements are to breed to their male and you should expect to be screened, as well as you should screen the stud dog owner.


Quite frequently stud dog owners will advertise "at stud to approved bitches only". Some of these requirements beyond clearances could be:

1. the bitch meets the breed standard in both conformation and temperament.

2. the stud dog owner agrees that the pedigrees for the purposed breeding are compatible.

3. the bitch has been shown or exhibited in some fashion of the sport of dogs. For example the bitch holds a conformation championship, or is pointed toward a conformation championship. Has a title behind her name such as CD, JH, or an agility title. At the very least the dog has had some form of training.

4. the breeder (you) agrees to only sell the progeny of the breeding on limited registrations.

5. the breeder will supply the stud dog owner with a list of the individuals who the puppies are placed with.

It's very important to understand that any responsible stud dog owner feels a responsibility to all progeny produced by their dog, and may even go as far as include punitive damages in the contract for failure to comply with 4 and 5 of this list.

The breeding of dogs is of a serious nature and while there are no laws prohibiting anyone from breeding a dog in most states, there are guidelines that each of us looking to doing a breed should follow. For more information about the Golden Retriever in general please refer to the Golden Retriever Club of America website at: www.grca.org


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