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6 weeks today!
We are starting to play with the big dogs!

Today we played with

Sunny and Banner

March 8th 2005

in the puppy yard



Light Blue aka Happy Face

Dark Blue



Orange aka Tiger

White aka Zebra

March 10, 2005

March 12, 2005 ~ 7 weeks today

We had a really busy day today and we are pooped...

March 14, 2005

Oh boy milk on the rocks!

Jungle boy!


Take down!

March 15, 2005 ~ it may rain tomorrow so....

so we played hard and then we got a bath:

we go to meet the vet tomorrow so we want to be sure we look clean!

It's a rap! The "Movie" litter have all moved onto new roles!

Now Playing:

Erin with

Brier's Wing And A Prayer


In loving memory of

Waterford Flyboy Aeroflot





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