Tollhaus Hobby's Heart


Keeper of my heart... (10 weeks)

January 15, 2000 to January 4, 2008

thank you Julie


Meet my friends: Hannah and Gibson...

my best friend Gibson in April of 2000.

We flew on the plane from Michigan to Oregon together.

just me in June 2000


all of us

Helping on the farm...

January 14, 2005 Happy Birthday!


Tollhaus Hobby's Heart "Haus"

January 15, 2000 to January 4, 2008


It is with a very heavy heart that George I share the passing our our German Shepherd boy Haus.

His passing was very peaceful, he laid down with one command, without even a sigh he just went, peacefully with what seemed to be no regret. He went with grace and peace, he trusted me that this was the right thing to do... And I trust and thank him for knowing he had to be the strong one today....

Haus was as golden as they come, a true ambassador to the German Shepherd breed, in his heart truly a golden boy... While he loved me and he was my dog - truly he loved with all his being George, and it is George I grieve for today.

Haus would have been 8 years old on the 15th of January and while we would have liked to have him for 8 more wonderful years, we will take the 8 we had and smile for the memories we will always have that include one of the most wonderful of dogs to ever grace this earth. I don't know if there is ever enough time to have a loved one in our lives, how dose one measure love and time?

But no regrets for he truly was a blessing that we enjoyed and will always be in our hearts...