UCI- Int'l Ch. Brier's Once in a Life Tyme

 January 18, 1997 ~ August 21, 2008

Meg was my hero, she showed the strength to beat Lymphoma for 3 years post diagnosis...

We will miss her dearly, but delight in all of our very special memories.

pedigree Meg

blondes have megga fun...  

3 months
2 years..
Yap that is ME and dad.  Was a beautiful spring morning, dad and I were at St. Louis Ponds, I was teaching dad how to find birds... 
Ch. Nawasa Sunshine's Star Chaser OS Moxie

Brier's Just Peachie Keen CGC Peaches

Christmas 2000 age 3


December 29, 2003


We got Snow!!!!


that's SeaJay behind me...

Meg will be 8 January 18th

She is really enjoying a very dry


so far!

January 18, 2006 Meg is now 9 Happy Birthday Meg!

Meg with Sprite out in the field enjoying her birthday romp...

I have a lot of fun and I clean up fairly good too!



Winter is really Fun! All the birthdays, all the trips



January 28th 2006

snow trip to Wind River WA.

Christmas 2006

August 2007

 June 2008

Blonds really do have megga fun...

Once in a while Someone comes along That one in a million heart So pure and so strong They can face up to the tears And somehow still find a smile

That's why we call them heroes...

Billy Dean: "Once In A While"