Update: 4/24/2007 Today an additional $726.97 went into the mail to RAGoM from all of you, to help with Recato, Monte and friends needs. This total includes allowance monies from Ruth and Tess Hoffart - who ran for their penny banks and insisted their cash be sent to the dogs. So it was....

Our grand total sent as of today is $2077.97 and of course if there are any straggler checks still out there I will forward them to RAGoM. However with that, anyone wanting to send more please look to sending your donation privately to:


Attention: Puppy Mill Rescue Fund

P.O. Box 5567

Hopkins, MN 55343-0492


4/10/2007 Our new total raised is $1351.00 with 5 days left on our current drive - and we are now sponsoring two wonderful dogs:

Recato: http://ragom.org/avail.cgi/Available/dog?dog_id=2731 is a beautiful female from the North Dakota puppy mill.

Monte: http://ragom.org/avail.cgi/Available/dog?dog_id=2605 who is a two-year-old golden mix who is going through heartworm treatment.

Here is the note we received from Joan this afternoon:

Gina and all the friends of Brier Goldens,

I can’t thank you enough for the generosity that you have shown the dogs at Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM). It is so exciting to get Gina’s e-mail updates.

I was there the night the puppy mill dogs came in and it was truly one of the most rewarding, yet haunting, things that I have ever seen. The outpouring of support from people like you has touched the hearts of all the volunteers at RAGOM. When we said yes, we didn’t quite know how we were going to do it, both physically and financially. Your thoughts, prayers, and financial support will help these dogs go on to live the golden lives that they deserve. You are truly their saviors.

We have assigned you two dogs for your sponsorship. The first Recato http://ragom.org/avail.cgi/Available/dog?dog_id=2731 is a beautiful female from the North Dakota puppy mill.

The second is Monte http://ragom.org/avail.cgi/Available/dog?dog_id=2605 who is a two-year-old golden mix who is going through heartworm treatment. It is expensive and we are so fortunate that you could help us.

Again, thanks for opening your hearts to these dogs. I hope you enjoy watching their progress.


Update: 4/06/07 - There is an update on the RAGoM site however here is our personal update: As of April 5 2007 our group has raised $1026.00 and we have sent that to RAGoM on April 6 2007. We have 10 days left on this current challenge - but of course the dogs will need help beyond April 15th. And with that - The Friends of Brier Golden Retrievers encourages continued donations! Stay tuned for additional updates as they come in.

 Original Posting:

To the Brier Golden Tails List and some of my other friends -

The post below was posted on the GRCA Hot Topics List. Please be sure to go to the link for RAGoM for more details but also note text in blue below is text I have copied form the RAGoM website. I would like to invite our group to sponsor one of these dogs. There are approximately 50 members on the Yahoo list group "Brier Golden Tails":



If everyone on the list sent in $6.50 we would meet the goal. So here's the offer <grin> I will start off by pledging $50.00 and for everyone who donates any amount I will give you $5.00 off your next groom. I am also willing to collect the funds and mail them off to RAGoM with a cover letter from The Friends of Brier Golden Retrievers. If you would like to participate in this please make your check payable to RAGoM but send it to me, feel free to enclose a personal note and or a photo of your dog. Rescue workers always need to hear about happy dogs and also NEED to know that there are good owners out there... I am going to set a dead line of April 15th for this fundraiser. Here is my mailing information:

Gina Heitz

1060 South Pacific Hwy

Woodburn, OR 97071



Also if you just want to give on your own you surely can!!!
For $325, you can sponsor one of our North Dakota puppy mill dogs. We'll assign you a golden, and you can watch his or her progress on the website, reading about vet visits, socialization, foster care, and potential adoptive families. It's a rewarding way to get involved - and help a specific tail start wagging again.


Attention: Puppy Mill Rescue Fund

P.O. Box 5567

Hopkins, MN 55343-0492

If you'd prefer to donate by credit card, send an e-mail to rescue@ragom.org.

A volunteer will call and accept your gift by phone.


RESCUE SITUATION. From Carol Allen, Chair, National Rescue Committee:


Last week the US Department of Agriculture closed down a Bismarck Puppy

Mill (Goldens only) and immediately contacted Rescue a Golden of

Minnesota (RAGoM) . On very short notice and with gallant effort, RAGoM

went and brought back to Minnesota nearly 100 Goldens.


37 adult females and 11 adult males (all allowed to mingle so how many

more females are pregnant is an unknown), 5 females with 37 puppies

(ages 3-8 weeks) and another female about to whelp any day. This is a

huge under-taking, and our thoughts are with the Goldens (Free at last)

and with the RAGoM volunteers making it happen.


This is a USDA closing so it involved no auction and there will be no

lengthy court cases that would delay the rehoming of these many Goldens.

RAGoM notified me promptly and, in turn, the Golden Retriever

Foundation. RAGoM put together their early financial needs very

promptly and an emergency Rescue Fund grant was sent by GRF. Obviously,

there are huge expenses involved in transport of a this number, and the

immediate tasks of identifying, providing basic vet care, resettlement,

is labor intensive and expensive. Long-term costs will add up,

too.......spay/neuter, follow-up vet care, and preparing a huge number

of next-step opportunities. GRF's April Fund will be available if needed

to assist with vet care finances.


An undertaking like this can always use additional financial support.

See www.ragom.org. Of course, The Golden Retriever Foundation

www.goldenretrieverfoundation.org will happily receive your

contributions, but they cannot act as the pipeline for donations to

benefit RAGoM only.


RAGoM is currently assessing what other kinds of support, if any, will

be requested of other programs. Our rescue network stands by to respond

as requested to do so by RAGoM.


A note: ABC News shared this story with the local affiliates. A shelter

near to RAGoM's home base was graciously made available as the initial

staging area and for the initial reception of the dogs, basic vet care

provided there, some bathing, etc. Unfortunately only shelter personnel

were interviewed and there was no mention of RAGoM. Please be assured

that Rescue a Golden of Minn. is totally involved and the "lead"

organization in this effort.


Carol Allen

Chair, National Rescue Committee

Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc.


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