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 Last updated 12/22/08


The following list of Golden Retriever Breeders located in Oregon & Washington.  

For a description of what we at Brier Goldens believe constitutes reputable, responsible and ethical breeding:

Commonly Asked Questions, this page will help you to stream line your search for a puppy and enter act with breeders more efficiently:


Disclaimer: While we refer to these breeders, buyer beware should be understood.   We do not screen or police others breeding programs.
E.G. - in an effort to network for your benefit, breeders will refer to other known reputable breeders as we do here, however it is up to you to make sure the referral is truly a responsible suggestion. Therefore Brier Goldens does not endorse referrals from the below list of breeders unconditionally and we strongly urge you to screen each breeder carefully.

Oregon & South Western Washington:

Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club of Oregon maintains a puppy/breeder referral on line at:

please click on "Referral" for the member list of PRGRCO members.

In addition I try to maintain a similar list but with a tad more information such as if a particular breeder has puppies available or a breeding in the works. Those members of PRGRCO that provide me that information are listed here:

Jim and Debbie Berry

Sunshine Goldens

Near Eugene, Oregon


Tom Burton

Sunshine Goldens

Pleasant Hill, OR 97455



Gina & George Heitz

Brier Golden Retrievers

Woodburn, Oregon


Judy Slayton

Wood Duck Retrievers

Washougal, WA


Website: none

Puppies due December 28, 2008 Please contact Gina
Puppies available December 2008 Young female available to a pet home

Lori Murfitt

Trilogy Goldens

Sherwood, Oregon


Website: none

Susan & Tim Maloch

Shyan Goldens

Salem, OR


Website: none

Puppies due January 2009
Puppies due December 2008



Golden Bond Rescue



Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue

Northern Washington
JoAnne Johnson

Shadowland Goldens

Morton WA.



Julie & Randy Schepper 

Dave & Sally Maryatt

Maple Valley, WA

Smoketree Goldens



Puppies available December 2008

General Information

For additional out of the area referrals please visit the GRCA web site at:

For additional breed information and answers to commonly asked questions please visit:

Brier Goldens Home Page

Many breeders can be slow on reply due to the fact that they spend a good amount of time at dog shows.

I find the best time to reach breeders is during the week generally Tuesday through Thursday.

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