Foxfire's Shining Rendition JH CGC TDI

February 20, 1993 - October 17, 2000

seven short years...


A great dog who really lived it up, learned and taught many a lesson, who always gave of himself -- never expecting more than a good toss or a bird to fall -- has died today, October 17, 2000

We will miss him terribly and hold his memory dear. In time we will smile and laugh at the clownish reminders we see everyday in his relatives we live with and choose to love from here on...


Hi All,


I have received so many notes of sympathy on the loss of Rocky and while I would like to respond to each individually, personally, I thought I would write this up and post you all. Thank you to each and everyone of you who sent words of engorgement. They mean a great deal and all have been saved to a special place in my heart.

Yes it's true as many of you pointed out that Rocky's life was cut short. It's the hand he was dealt and the one we must accept. His memory and his legacy will live on forever in our hearts and the hearts of the many others he had touched. We had a great 16 months post diagnosis. In our vet's own words, Rocky beat all the odds! For that we are thankful! For our vets we are thankful too. Jim Meyer DVM, Lauren Acton DVM and the entire staff at Woodburn Vet Clinic were there for us from the initial diagnosis, the amputation and the bitter sweet days to follow. We would have been lost with out their support and guidance.

Through Rocky George and I learned many things. Most importantly that to love and to loose is far better than to have never loved. We both learned how to train and succeed in the field, Rocky was a natural and he took both of us for the ride of our lives in the adventure of training with him through SH. He never ran an official senior test as he fell to his illness just about the time we were ready to enter him. However he did get to be the pick up dog for a Master test the summer after he lost his leg. He got more birds that day than any dog on the grounds and this was probably his happiest day in his life. The official pick up count from his crate well hidden off the test was 25 birds! He didn't miss a one. No human got wet doing Rocky's job. There are many Rocky stories...

For me personally the past 16 months has been consumed with finding balance in my new education on health and genetics that Rocky helped prompt. I have made a commitment to my current dogs and future generations to be more aware and to strive to enhance and improve, best their odds by making changes in how I care for these precious gifts of gold. I have devoted many hours of study on diet and just what roles nutrition plays in the lives of our canines. I have made the switch to a biologically correct diet. Not because I think it's the whole answer but I do feel it's a major key in besting the odds and building a sound foundation from this point on. Feeding a BARF diet isn't going to cure cancer or fix all the ills of the canine but I do believe it can best the odds. I believe it's going to take devotion and time, generations to prove or disprove that feeding a biologically correct diet to the canine as we do with so many other species, however I am devoted to this.

In closing I wish to thank everyone once again for your support through one of the toughest things we as humans choose to take on. Loving a dog and losing him.

Now go hug your dog!



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