Int'l CH Brier's Run' Moonshine

TRiX pedigree

March 31, 2000

TRiX & Hogan doing a two dog stick trick

Hogan TRiX

Like father Like daughter...


TRiX at 11 weeks

Part goat we are sure...

Coast July 16, 2000

September 2, 2000

TRiX and dad having an after dinner conversation.

May 2001

And June 2001 as I head off for my Alaska Adventure with big brother SeaJay!!!

early morning sun on my back,,, see you in Aug Mom!
Hum,,, is there a cookie in the car?

Showing in Alaska

Expertly handled by Jamie Sims

Jamie and TRiX racked up a few firsts and a second in the 12 to 18 classes

July and August 2001 as they both train for the big time to come...

Thank You Jamie, I had a great summer!!!

Love TRiX

I am home from Alaska had a great time but nothing beats the Oregon Coast

It's my ball and your not going to get it!
well maybe you are...

August 2003 New International Champion!

BOB & Best Bred By in all 3 shows - Group 1 & Group 2

December 29, 2003

TRiX & Dinah

I really like snow ~ we just don't get enough of it, but I sure make the best of it when we do!